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About Williams Custom

My name is Darrel Williams owner of WCR. I have been a designer and engineer for over 10 years. For the last few years, I have been looking for an off-road bumper for a couple of different vehicles I own. The bumpers that I saw on the market did not fit the styling or the design of the vehicle the way I felt it should. I wanted more design options than there were available. So, I began designing and creating something out of the “norm.” Hence, WCR was born.

I am determined WCR will be the place where people come to have the option to create a custom bumper that fits their needs. It doesn’t matter if it is for fun for off-roading or for just the way it looks on the vehicle. WCR will be the place to have the ultimate custom bumper experience. We will be the place that an individual can come and look at our stock bumpers or you can choose to have a custom one made to fit your styling. We use Fusion 360 for all the cad designs. We run all parts on our CNC Plasma table and then its Tig Welded and Assembled to the Highest Quality there is in Dallas Fort Worth Tx.